Questions & Answers

Many kinds of questions revolve in your mind, I hope you will find the answers below.

Q:1 –  Will these courses be a live class?
Ans: No brother. These are uploaded as recorded video tutorials. You can login to your account and watch videos whenever you want. Much like the courses in Udemy / Larcast.

Q:2 – How long will you have access to the course?
Ans: As long as you can finish the course with happy time, there are no rules. Will have Life Time Access.

Q:3 – Do you approve your account in Upwork / get work in Fiverr?
Ans: Sorry, ABC IT Park will assist you in skill development, you will have to learn the job. We do not approve the account in Upwork, nor do we get work in Fiverr. Discussions on how to open an account, how to open a gig, what steps you should take to get the job done at Fiverr are discussed at the very end of the course. If you have the talent, you will be able to work at Upwork yourself. None of our students showed up at Upwork, but many are now working at Upwork. Learn to work first, be skillful, see everything looks easy.

Q:4 – How can I get support when I get stuck at work?
Ans: First of all there will be a request on Google, YouTube and try to solve the problem yourself. The more time you spend solving problems, the less time in the days you will be able to solve your problems yourself, InshAllah and this will be most helpful in building your online career. And if you can’t, after trying, we will help InshAllah post on our Facebook Secret Group. If needed, I will try to solve the problem live with Team Viewer or Zoom or Any Desk Software.

Q:5 – Can I start your income by taking your course?
Ans: It’s natural for you to ask questions. But don’t you think the question has become so many that I will get a job if I attend your school? Remember, if you know the good work, if you have the skills Inshallah you will succeed, but if you do not learn the job, open an account in all the Market Place, you will run after the night and you will not get the job. Alhamdulillah, many of us who have learned to work well with admission here, are working in the Market Place, there are many who are still trying and many are lost….

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