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Really it’s very helpful for beginners. There are many information included here. Arif brother presents this WordPress series a lot of part so that easy to understand for learner. I recommend this video out of 5= 5. JajakAllah Bhai

Incredibly teaching system and this institute is the best institute for learning web design and development ,i have ever seen.

Thank you so much for such a amazing course for us.

Great course to start WordPress

Er theke sohoj vabe khutinati keu bujhate parbe bole amar mone hoi nah.BEST tutorial in BANGLDESH for wordpress.

আমি youtube অনেক video content দেখেছি।কিন্তু abcit park video অন্য সবার থেকে আলাদা।ভাইয়া সুন্দর করে প্রতি বিষয় খুটে খুটি তুলে নিয়ে আলোচন করেছে।যা সত্যি একজন beginner হিসাবে আমাকে মুগ্ধ করেছে।আমি নিজে এর আগে একটা paid course কিনেছিলাম সেটা এত সুন্দর করে প্রতি বিষয় দেখানো হয় নি। সত্যিই video প্রশংসার দাবি রাখে। আমি মনে করে তার কাছে থেকে course করলে সেই ব্যক্তি কখন ঠকবেন না।
কারন তিনি টাকা income এর থেকে কাজ শেখান টাকেই বেশি গুরুত্ব দেন।
আর ভালো কাজ করতে পারলে কখনো সেই ব্যক্তি বেকার থাকবেন না।
ধন্যবাদ abcit part

WordPress for the beginner ( Free ) course is really wonderful for WordPress learning students. I have finished WordPress for the beginner (free) course but the hole of the course, I did not seem, it is a free course. Always I feel it is a premium course. Ariful Furkan is a good mentor for me because his speech is very nice and teach method is also awesome. Best wish to ABC IT PARK for giving WordPress basic. In a word AWESOME institution.

A great course! The course is very neatly arranged. This course should be completed to know the basics of WordPress because if the basics are strong then it will be easy at an advanced level so I think this course will be the best for beginners.

I did this course. This course is very nicely taught step by step from WordPress Basic to Fairly Advanced. I would recommend doing this course for those who are new and want to learn WordPress.

A very good course of WordPress customization. Any one can enroll. I have benefited a lot.

This is an awesome tutorial on WordPress Theme Customization. The main feature of Ariful Bhai is that he teaches all the details of the topics which he teaches. Thanks to Ariful Vai.

Hello everybody
This is awesome worpress theme customization tutorial with free themes without any pagebuilder .
Thanks a lot Ariful Furkan vaia.......................................................

প্রথমেই আরিফুল ভাইকে অনেক অনেক ধন্যবাদ দিতে চাই তার এই অসামান্য উদ্যোগটির জন্যে। ওয়ার্ডপ্রেসের ছোট খাটো টুলস গুলো নিয়ে আমার চিন্তার শেষ ছিলো না। কিন্তু কোর্সের ভিডিওগুলো যখন ধৈর্য্য নিয়ে দেখতে শুরু করি আস্তে আস্তে আমার সমস্যার সমাধানগুলি পেতে থাকি। ইনশাল্লাহ্!! এখন মোটামুটি সবকিছু বুঝতে পারি। এই কোর্সটি আমার জন্যে ছিলো আশীর্বাদস্বরূপ।

First of all, I want to say something about the founder of ABC IT park. His name is Ariful Furkan who is the owner of ABC IT Park. His teaching style is mind-blowing, marvelous, and Creative. This Course quality is fantastic and premium But this course is totally free for everyone. Free WordPress Customization is very effective to us and it includes more things like a blog site, business site, etc. It also shows how to use important plugins. Thank you so much for joining the free course. Now I can say that I know how to customize any WordPress theme and how to use any WordPress plugins.

I think this is the best free Bangla course for beginner who want to start his journey with WordPress. This course describes all the basic parts enough than the exception and by doing this course, everyone will be able to make a blog and agency site. I highly recommended every beginner, this course.

I am satisfied with your course.all newbie must see your video for learning better.

At first, I want to talk about the word "WordPress for Beginners" This course is very helpful for them who have no idea about WordPress. Because This course provides one's man proper guidelines on how to make a WordPress website. So, I hope that you will no doubt to take any course from "ABC IT PARK"

Great Course

From my opinion this is one of the best beginner friendly course in Bangladesh....This help me a lot to improve my wp capability.It also decrease my fear about wordpress.The mentor was awesome .His presntation quality was good.Thanx Abc It park for providing us the opportunity.

This course is very helpful for beginners.If you go through from first to last you will learn most of the basics.Theme customization project will practically help you. I wish him all the very best.

The course is very good for beginners. Completely helpful and perfect course. Thanks ABC IT Park and Ariful Furkan vai.

This tutorial is very helpful for wordpress beginner and very beginner friendly .I enjoyed those a lot.So, I will request to visitor to see these videos and stay tuned with Arif Sir


Excellent Cource and excellent Instructor,the cource is exteremely well organized,and i am now confident and sure to design websites using Wordpress,,Thanks

this is one of the best course for beginner. The course tutor give his full effort to make student understand the basic concept of wordpress. one of the best part of this course is it that, this is a project based course.. it builds a good foundation for the beginner level wordpress customization student

This course is totally awesome for all beginner person who wants to make a perfect learner about Wordpress theme customization. So, every beginner will be helped by this course. thanks to ariful furkan brother who created this course and Allah might live long him.

Fantastic! I learn lot of things from this course. It's really beginner friendly. I hope this course help a person to boost his/her WordPress theme development/customization carrier. Thank you for your amazing course. Hope you made a course about PSD to WordPress. Thanks again.

It war very helpful and standard quality Course. Thanks for Ariful Furkan vai and ABC IT Park.

Thank you so much,sir much appreciated. I learned many basic things and your videos helped me a lot.

Very Helpful & Awesome Tutorial. I'm Learning from here.

This course is so much helpful for beginners. Ariful Furkan is one of the best online mentors I have ever seen. In this course, he described everything in detail. I think every beginner should enroll in this course without any doubt.

The course is really awesome. Each topic is described in detail which will be helpful for beginners. As a mentor Ariful Furkan vai is great.

I think this is the best I’ve seen till now,You are a symbol of Good teacher, your detail explanation is really great for who is hunger for learning wordpress Wish you good luck for you .

Very excellent tutorial... Teaching style is very easy and helpful...Thanks a lot -"abcitpark"

I really liked the tutorials and it was good. I recommend it to any beginner and within hours you can build a website. Thank You for sharing the knowledge.

Many thanks to Ariful Forkan brother of ABC IT Park. I have seen many WordPress courses online. However, the ABC IT course is so detailed that any new student can easily learn WordPress.

Thanks a lot for such a nice, wonderful tutorial, best of luck....

This is the one of best organization & Trainer,
The language of the class is beautiful and fluent
It is much easier for anyone to complete the course
Very efficient on the train,
Who can speak well from beginning to end.

It was amazing course. Thank you Ariful Furkan vai for this course and your help.

আমার কাছে অনেক ভালও লেগেছে Thanks To "Ariful Furkan" sir.

This course is very helpful. As a Instructor/mentor Ariful furkan vaiya is one of the best i have ever seen and he is also very helpful and friendly.

You started watching your first video since I was on YouTube
From then on it started to feel good.
So I got admitted to the free course in the month of Ramadan without delay. Liked it so much, So I took the paid course from the free course. I like that you teach all the subjects over and over. And this is why I invite everyone to do what you do.
And I admitted someone like that . And she is very happy to get your course. So I can learn everything from you if you read my best tutor. Stay well wherever you are and pray for us.

আলহামদুলিল্লাহ। "ওয়ার্ডপ্রেস ফর বিগিনার" কোর্সটি শেষ করলাম।

এই কোর্সটি মূলত ওয়ার্ডপ্রেসের ড্যাসবোর্ড, ব্যাসিক দুটি থিম কাস্টমাইজেশন এবং টুকটাক কয়েকটা প্লাগিন এর ব্যবহার দেখানো হয়েছে।

এই বিষয়গুলো সম্পর্কে আমার কিছুটা পূর্বাভিজ্ঞতা ছিলো। ওনেকটা দোনমনা ভাব নিয়েই এই কোর্সটিতে জয়েন করি। এবং কোর্সটি কম্পলিট করি। এখন আমার কাছে মনে হচ্ছে এই কোর্সটি না করলে আমি অনেক কিছু মিস করতাম অথবা অনেক দেরিতে শিখতাম। ওনার শেখানো ভঙ্গিটা খুব সুন্দর।

ফ্রি থিম দিয়েও যে ওয়েবসাইটের প্রফেশনাল লুক আনা যায় এটা জানতামই না।
এই কোর্সের যে বিষয়টি আমাকে সবচে বেশি আকৃষ্ট করেছে তা হলো, প্রতিটা বিষয় নিয়ে ইনডিটেইলস আলোচনা করা।

দুটি এসাইনমেন্ট জমা দিয়েছি। অল্প সময়ের মধ্যে ফিডব্যাক পেয়েছি। আমি খুব সন্তষ্ট।

আমি পেইড কোর্সটা কন্টিনিউ করতেছি। আশা করি ভাল কিছু হবে।

ধন্যবাদ abcitpark.

Sir is an awesome character as i see, besides his teaching method is also nice & knowledge based, tutorial given the prove of his determination stopless labour , i can say INSHALLAH any person follow his classes may ALLAH help them. Best wish for my respective teacher & his family .

সত্যিই খুব অসাধারণ টিউটোরিয়াল ওয়ার্ডপ্রেস থিম কাস্টোমাইজশনের উপরে। আরিফুল ভাই এর প্রধান বৈশিষ্ট্য হলো যেই টপিকস শিখাবে তার খুঁটিনাটি সব শিখাবে এবং তার বুঝানোর কৌশল সম্পর্কে জানতে আপনারা তার WordPress For Beginners এই tutorial দেখলেই বুঝতে পারবেন সবাই। কারণ আমিও তার ওই টিউটোরিয়াল দেখেই সিদ্ধান্ত নেই আরিফুল ভাই এর টিউটোরিয়ালস কেনার আর এনরোল করেও ফেলি। ভাই খুবই সাহায্যকারী ব্যাক্তি যেটা সত্যিই অসাধারণ।কারণ আমাদের সফলতার জন্য সাহায্যটা অনেক বেশি প্রয়োজন বলে আমি মনে করি।ভাই দোয়া করবেন আমার জন্য যেন আমার লক্ষে যেতে পারি ইনশাআল্লাহ ।

The free course is very useful for newcomers. This tutorial is the best of all the tutorial I've seen. Everything is very easy to explain. Really awesome

This course is really very helpful for beginners. He correctly explained everything so that the beginners would not have any problem. And if there is any problem, you will get support in a very short time. You can participate in this course without any hesitation. If you want to do something in the future then this course is for you.

I After enroll this course, I realized that no one teaches so well for free. Those who want to enroll in this course can enroll without hesitation. Thank you

This course is very quality full and great. This course very easy and very effective. Thank you for providing this course

It is one of the best free wordpress course for beginners. Of course, everything in it is very easy to understand, which will be very helpful for beginners. It is highly recommended to do the course for the beginners. Thanks ABC IT Park, thanks Ariful Furkan Sir.

আপনার ফ্রি ভিডিও দেখে অনেক কিছু আমি শিখতে পেরেছি , যাহা অন্য রা টাকা দিয়ে ও এই সকল কিছু শিখাইতে পারে না । আপনার কাছে ভিডিও গুলা এত সুন্দর করে সাজানো হয়েছে যাহা বুঝা একদম সহজ মনে হয় একবার দেখলে পরের বার আর দেখতে হয় না মাথায় সেভ হয়ে যায়
আপনাকে ধন্যবাদ স্যার

‘Proper teaching is recognized with ease. You can know it without fail because it awakens within you that sensation which tells you this is something you have always known.’

Thank you for details explaining everything.
May Allah help you.

সাধারণত এই বিষয়গুলো ফ্রিতে ইউটিউব থেকে শেখা যায়। কিন্তু সেখানে অ্যাসাইনমেন্টের বা সার্টিফিকেটের কোন ব্যবস্থা থাকে না। তাই শেখায় আগ্রহ থাকে না। আরিফুল ভাইকে ধন্যবাদ এত সুন্দর একটি কোর্স ফ্রিতে করার সুযোগ দেওয়ার জন্য।

একজন প্রিয় মানুষ আরিফুল ফুরকান ভাই। ক্যারিয়ারের গাইড হিসাবেও তিনি দারুন সহোযোগিতা করেন, যার ফল এই প্ল্যাটফর্ম যেখানে তিনি রয়েছেন আমাদের সাহায্যকারী হিসাবে। আপনি পরিশ্রম করে কিছু শিখবেন না এর্কোস থেকে তার সুযোগ কম। এগিয়ে যাগ AbcItPark এগিয়ে যান ফুরকান ভাই।

WordPress theme customization for beginners course is very helpful for beginners. This course is very nice and informative.
Thanks, ABC IT Park and Ariful Furkan vai! You are great!

Very nice and easy discussion of all videos. I have learned new important tips in all videos.

Thanks, Ariful Furkan Brother for Your Wonderful Free Course. I think this course is very helpful for beginners.

There are many good teachers in our country but you are special one of them, your teaching quality is totally different. It is helpful to we are really grateful to you.

Every Beginner should start learning with this Course, Because Mentor has Detailed and Nicely Described every point of Basic for the beginners. Completely helpful and perfect Course.

This course is very easy to understand and learn. The beginner will get their best solution here. Try this course you will love it.

"Ariful Furkan" He is a very good teacher.
Best of luck."

I got first inspiration from this man (Ariful Furkan). He is a very good teacher. He has the ability to tech people with very good way. Best of luck.

At first thanks a lot to Ariful Furkan vai. You are an amazing mentor ever. May Allah bless you. ABC IT park is a batter place for beginners.

The course is very good for Beginners and they were satisfied with the topics. I recommend everyone to take up this Course. Ariful furkan vai is a great teacher. Thank you!

arifulfurkan Viya

This is excellent to start WordPress.


খুব ভাল লেগেছে। অনেক সুন্দর করে বিসয় গুলো বুঝিয়ে দিয়েছেন। অনেক ধন্যবাদ আপনাকে।

Well Done. Thanks

Amazing Course & the style of the teaching is awesome.

Thank you for this course.

Very good trainer. The course is very helpful for beginners.

I have learnt many things very easily. I think everybody should complete this course if they are interested to learn wordpress theme customization.

Mr. Ariful Furkan Vai is the great mentor in online learning world what I have seen ever. First time I saw his video in Youtube about WordPress Customization, I astonished that this type of advanced tutorial is given completely free. That’s why I learned about WordPress easily. And being his student I am proud. Now I do believe that after completing this course I can build up my Freelancing Career May Allah Bless Ariful Vai.

I was completely fresher before starting this free course. Today I have just completed this. And completing this course as I known that his (Ariful Furkan vai) teaching method is just wonderful. He has taught that very easily and was very comfortable. He has shown these every tutorial step by step which is very helpful for beginner. If I recommended to say extra thing then I would like to say guise, he has an YouTube channel name Abc IT Park and there are a lot of tutorial. finishing this course you should follow those tutorial.
And specially I would like to thank Mr. Ariful Furkan vai for creating this big opportunity for us, Thank You so much."

The course is a very beautiful one. I have learned a lot from here...

wordpress for beginners by Abc IT Park